The Proposal

If you read the West Palm Beach blog post, let me start out by saying that Joshua did NOT blow it. The night was exactly how I would have imagined it.

Although Josh and I discussed that we’d love to be engaged this year, it came as a total surprise that he had this up his sleeve the whole weekend. I knew something was odd about my mother having me try on a handful of her rings “because she didn’t wear them anymore and wanted me to have them”, but- um- she never gave me any rings. I later found out that Josh was in complete panic mode about the ring size!

Can I just take a moment to brag on my fiancé (whoah) regarding what an amazing job he did on designing the perfect ring for me? Most girls have at least had the conversation of what they like in a ring for when that special day comes, but not I! This guy did it all on his own- complete with an aquamarine gemstone to represent our love for sea glass hunting. *Swoon*

On to the story!

The day had already been an amazing one- packed with sea creatures, embarrassing baby photos (thanks, mom), and tattoos. Just when I thought it was coming to an end, Josh suggested a walk down Singer Island’s shoreline. I was all for it considering the moon was full, and… well, why wouldn’t I want to take a stroll by the ocean with that handsome guy?

Although mom mentioned the beach was closed at night, we only had to give each other one look, and we both knew we were going anyway. I remember Josh being particularly sweaty on the walk, but I chalked it up to the humidity. We walked and talked, and then Josh asked me if I loved him. With my response of, “Of course, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you,” he quickly responded that my answer would make what he was about to do a lot easier. What? As he starts rummaging around in his pocket, he explains how much he loves me and asks me to marry him.

Wait, what did he just say? What’s in his pocket? What’s going on? This joke isn’t funny… 

“Joshua, really…. Really?! You better not be joking!” is all I managed to get out as his fingers were fumbling around a plastic bag (there might have also been a shut up in there somewhere as he recalls).

Side note: You have to understand that this man has proposed with a bread twisty, a metal loop, and the paper off of a McDonald’s straw (all of which I still have in my jewelry box), so please excuse the fact that I didn’t realize he actually had a beautiful ring in the bottom of that Zip Lock!

Next thing I know, Josh is holding an engagement ring in front of me by the ocean. I choked out a screaming yes as I jumped up and down and kissed all over his face. WE’RE ENGAGED! Totally happy happy happy, we walked back in to what was the end of a very perfect day. I’m so excited about our engagement, but I have to say that I couldn’t be more pumped to spend the rest of my life with my soul mate.


P.S. I’m totally keeping the Zip Lock bag for my memory box.

7 thoughts on “The Proposal”

  • Dearest Caitlyn & Josh,

    Congratulations to a beautiful couple. Congratulations on taking this exciting step together. Your engagement is truly wonderful news!
    I’m wishing you both an eternity of love, good health and lots of happiness together. You really make a great couple.
    May your love continue to grow for each other every single day, I am really happy for you both. Just remember to love one another and you will be happy. Learn to navigate through all the ups and downs with love and your love will last forever.
    Josh I know my daughter well. When she loves, she loves 100%, she loves with all her heart. She truly is a blessing and you are a lucky guy to have captured her heart.

    Welcome to the family!

    Much Love,


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