One Year Anniversary Weekend

It’s weekends like this that have me counting my blessings and being grateful for the life I live. Josh and I’s one year anniversary is today! Part of me feels like holy cow has it been a year already? The other part of me is double checking that it hasn’t been longer. This weekend was the last one we had to really hang out at the house before the holiday season gets crazy for us – we have obligations for the next five weekends…

We fit a lot into our Saturday. After walking Eiko around Southeastern, we strolled over to the Farmer’s Market – grabbing some of our favorite spicy bread and butter pickles and fresh mustard greens. If you’re a local to Hammond and haven’t made your way to the market on a Saturday morning, rethink your next weekend in H-town. Afterward, we caught the matinee for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (I’m a J.K. Rowling fan), and believe it or not, it was Josh’s first time to see a 3D movie. Being that he can’t really sit still at all, which comes with Josh in general, he seemed pretty impressed!

We got to write another one off in the books for Josh when we went and got our Christmas Tree from a local Christmas Tree farm. I’d be lying if I said we got the complete experience. We could cut down our own Leyland Cypress or choose from the pre-cut Frasier Firs that came from up north. As cool as it would have been to cut our own tree down, they didn’t smell like Christmas trees! Who wants a non-pine smelling Christmas tree?! So, we took our shipped-in tree home to decorate over spiked eggnog and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. We will proudly admit that we are those annoying people that fully decorate our tree and our house before Thanksgiving.

Today, Josh let me sleep in while he got up early to light the smoker (let’s note that sleeping in means 8:00am). Either way, it was a much needed extra hour-and-a-half for me. I got up and threw on my warmest clothes, being that today was the coldest day we’ve had this season. If you’ve read about our recent trip to North Carolina, you know that I’m a huge baby in cold weather. You can probably imagine the look I got when I arrived under the carport in a long-sleeve shirt, a sweatshirt, a thick coat, and my winter headband. After he got a good laugh, Josh surprised me with a very thoughtful gift for our one year anniversary. I LOVE deviled eggs (I make a pretty mean deviled egg if I may say so myself), and Josh got me a really nice serving tray to hold them. And, yes, that was a hint to make him some deviled eggs this evening. The day was filled with lots of cooking, lots of smoke, and lots of quality time with my sweet future husband.

After days like these, I dread starting the week tomorrow, but I rest easy knowing it’s only half of a work week before we head out for a Charlotte Thanksgiving with family.


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  • I’m so amazed at both of blogs. It keeps me up to date on all the happenings in your life which I like. Sounds like life is good and that ya’ll appreciate each and every good day that you have which is a blessing because we all know time goes so fast. Each and every weekend should be this nice but we know that they are not so again be grateful for each and everyone. 😘 both.

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