Carnival Triumph Cruise

In January, Josh and I booked out a four-day cruise from an email offer that we couldn’t refuse.  How time passes so quickly, I’ll never know, but we went on that cruise this past weekend.  I’m truly grateful for the time we had together.  I mean really together.  How often do people get to turn their phones on airplane mode for one day let alone four – away from the texts, calls, and emails? It’s days like the ones that we had during our getaway that remind me why I love my man so much.

A cruise is typically not our idea of “the ultimate vacation” (we’ve been to our fair share of countries: Bali, Australia, Brazil, Ireland… the list goes on), but what more can you ask for of a long weekend when you have your best friend, perfect weather, and almost all expenses paid for?  Josh and I both have been on a handful of different cruise ships before, but neither of us have ever embarked on the Carnival Triumph.  If you’re heading to Cozumel on the Triumph soon, here’s what we suggest you do and see (and eat).


  • Guy’s Burger Joint Specifically, The Ringer burger and fries.  Yeah, yeah…  It’s [insert finger quotes] “Guy Fieri’s grill”.  We were actually super impressed at how good these burgers were, and it has a pretty legit toppings bar.
  • Blue Iguana Cantina Unfortunately, we never tried the tacos here for lunch, but if you miss out on these breakfast tacos and arepas, well, YOU’RE MISSING OUT.
  • London Main Dining Room We ate here every night, and, honestly, it’s hit or miss.  The trick is to order 2 or 3 appetizers and 2 or 3 entrees.  We really did find our favorite dishes on the ship here.

At Port:

  • Playa Palancar We wanted somewhere that would be relaxing without any huge blow-up floaty toys in our view and a beach as non-touristy as possible.  Playa Palancar is a little further out than the other well-known stops at $25 one-way but so worth it.  Beautiful view.  Awesome food and drinks.  Great little platform in the ocean to get your sun on.  Go here!

On Ship:

  • Pool & Slide – I mean… duh.  We staked out our chairs a bit after breakfast to get the seats that we wanted.  Pretty sure Josh became a celebrity with his fast sliding skills.  Even grown men were asking what his secret was.
  • Karaoke and Comedy – These can be hit or miss, but we lucked up.  I think the first night of karaoke was our favorite night.  Josh was crazy if he thought he was going to get me up there.  “A” for effort though.  He seriously tried his hardest, bless his heart.
  • New Orleans Tribute Show – Even though I’m pretty sure we both enjoyed watching the excited little boy in front of us catch beads more than anything, this was a pretty good show.  Nice way to end the trip especially for out of towners who didn’t get to experience much of the city.

Overall, the Carnival Triumph didn’t disappoint.  Are we hitting up a cruise for our honeymoon?  Nope.  Would we take a long weekend to do it again in the near future?  Most definitely.


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