Bogue Chitto State Park

It’s surprising to think that as close as this state park is to our home (the closest), Josh and I hadn’t explored it yet. I suppose we tend to picture our “get away” as getting a-w-a-y. Craving a camping trip so last minute, it was time to take the 40-minute drive to Bogue Chitto State Park. This park will remain on our go-to list for a quick staycation. Keep reading to check out our review and experience.


Location & Season

Bogue Chitto State Park, Louisiana, USA
February 16-18, 2018



From the moment we drove through the entrance and up to the gate house, you could tell this was a nicer state park than some of the ones we’ve frequented. Newer should I say? Here’s a breakdown from our own experience staying in the Bottomland RV area.


Site Types

✔ Tent
✔ RV
✔ Cabins


Josh and I are glad we ended up in the Bottomland area. We picture our  camping surrounded by more wilderness than RV’s and concrete – you know the places where you are jammed into what feels like a parking lot with a bunch of other “happy campers”? This wasn’t that. The sites were nestled between 2 lakes, lots of trees, and plenty of wildlife (we saw snakes, rabbits, deer, alligators, and birds). Depending on your location, you may have a wooden deck, but all sites have a tall shepherd’s hook for trash, which is SUCH a plus when it comes to raccoons.


Only regular campers will understand the excitement of happening upon a good bath house. The building consists of 6, I believe, individual full restrooms (sink, toilet, shower). Walk around back and you’ll find a laundry room as well. Keep in mind, this is just for the Bottomland RV Area – the Upland RV Area we can’t speak for!


Ehhh. What can I say. You’re in an area that has seen some high water in it’s day. The roads are nicely marked but tend to deteriorate the closer you get to Bottomland. As long as you’re driving slow, getting your equipment in and out shouldn’t be an issue. As for leveling your camper, the actual sites are good – just make sure you have leveler blocks of some sort. We needed about four inches under one side to get level.



This section had to be added only because of the reviews we have seen out there about the rude staffing. Are we talking to the same staff??? They are all so kind! When we arrived after sunset (a Cait and Josh norm), we were warmly welcomed with some general info on the park, maps/directions, as well as a PSA that there would be a marathon of some sort happening on the trail – kind of as a heads up. Oh, speaking of trails…




Yes please. 7 miles of walking trails and 14 miles miles of equestrian trails. Get ready for a diverse and fun hike! Anywhere from sandy “beach-front” on the Bogue Chitto River, to crossing creeks (yes, as in, get your shoes wet), to steeper hills than I thought possible in this flat state, to red clay bluffs that start to resemble a mini canyon if you hang around long enough. I took enough pictures to drive Josh berserk (nothing new here). Pro tip: Pack your lunch – you’re welcome.

Global Wildlife Center

Okay, so I’ve never been, but it’s on the list! This is awesome for kids and families who want a day away from the park at only a 20-minute drive from the park entrance. The Global Wildlife Center is the largest totally free-roaming wildlife preserve of its kind in the country and home to over 4,000 exotic, endangered, and threatened animals from all over the world ( Why would you not go?!

Reading Materials

We love the “Take one, Leave one” method. Bogue Chitto State Park has several areas throughout the campground where you can grab a book if you forget to bring yours. Specifically, in front of the Bottomland bath house building and in the laundry room. Make sure to leave a book you may have finished!

Tubing and Canoeing

Get real. It was way too cold for us to go tubing. In the summer months, Rocky Bottom Tubing and Canoeing opens it’s doors to campers and day use for what I’m sure it’s an extremely fun time! We’ll be sure to check it out when the river warms up!


Coming back?

Definitely! Bogue Chitto State Park will end up being a Fall and Winter favorite of ours. Like I mentioned above, you can’t beat having a state park 40 minutes from your crib.


Lola Rating

7 out of 10 Rolling Lolas

* If you’re a first time viewer, Rolling Lola is our 2017 Cherokee Wolf-Pup 18TO. Rolling Lola ratings are based on the opinions of a happily married couple that love to camp. They are in no way a refection of the experience you are going to have at the campground specified (Bogue Chitto State Park). Please camp at your own risk and have an amazing time!

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