Beef Chuck Burnt Ends

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The weather this weekend in Louisiana has been pretty intense.  Yesterday, the city of New Orleans had some serious flooding.  Many reports indicated that up to eight inches of rainfall fell in one sixty minute period alone.  That being said, less than 40 miles north, we spent the afternoon unaware of the severe storms just […]

Summer Barbecue Plans

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Most everyone that knows me, knows that I love barbecue.  Not just in the sense that I like to eat it, but all the small acts that come together over the ten plus hours it takes to cook brisket, pork shoulder, ribs, chicken, whatever.  I love every part – from cutting and splitting wood, to […]

Weekending: Getting Stuff Done

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It’s such a good feeling when you finally get around to doing things you’ve always had the intention of doing but – never did. Josh and I have been super productive the past two weekends, and we are loving it. Purchasing a brand new living room, starting our square-foot garden, installing gutters (Josh: 1, Rain: 0), […]


Smoke Dreams Part 2

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If you haven’t read my first Smoke Dreams post, this won’t make much sense. Real quick- or “quick and dirty” to get you up to speed.  I have like five grills, almost, but no stick burners (translation – smoker that cooks only wood-fired barbecue).  I finally got one this week, and I’m super stoked.  I’ve spent a few […]