Summer Barbecue Plans

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Most everyone that knows me, knows that I love barbecue.  Not just in the sense that I like to eat it, but all the small acts that come together over the ten plus hours it takes to cook brisket, pork shoulder, ribs, chicken, whatever.  I love every part – from cutting and splitting wood, to […]

Weekending: Getting Stuff Done

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It’s such a good feeling when you finally get around to doing things you’ve always had the intention of doing but – never did. Josh and I have been super productive the past two weekends, and we are loving it. Purchasing a brand new living room, starting our square-foot garden, installing gutters (Josh: 1, Rain: 0), […]

Smoke Dreams

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For many years- actually… many, many years- I’ve dreamed of owning my own restaurant.  When I was a teen, my first jobs all started in restaurants.  I’ve done it all: washing dishes, working the fry station, cooking on the line, waiting tables, and managing the front of house.  I worked in chain restaurants (I was a traveling corporate […]