Our Square Foot Garden

This weekend was a rainy one. Josh and I originally had plans to spend it at Manchac Pass but decided against it after seeing the forecast (rain, rain go away). Luckily, we had projects around the house to complete to fill our time. Saturday after shopping around for campers (this is a whole other story worth its own blog post) and not staying so dry, we decided it was the perfect time to finish our square foot garden. We started our seeds indoors weeks ago, and it’s been time to get them in the ground.

In our home, we love spice, so a big chunk of the garden is peppers. 1 Thai Hot, 4 Habaneros, 6 Cayenne, and 16 jalapeño plants to be exact. Followed up by several tomato plants, bush beans, cucumber, and basil.

After what we thought was the wrapping up of our garden projects, we found ourselves starting and finishing a whole other DIY task Sunday. With all this rain, why not catch and save it? We built our own rain barrel! It’s not the prettiest thing to sit in our driveway (sorry, neighbors), but we figure nobody can complain when we’re saving water, right? There will be a post on the easy build later this week.

Although the weekend was pretty wet, we’re happy with the things we got done – we’re feeling pretty handy (see some of our other recent projects)!

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