Percy Quin State Park

We are always looking for quick weekend trips that require less than an hour drive.  We live just on the other side of Lake Maurepas from New Orleans, so we’re lucky to have a number of places that fit the bill.  Percy Quin State Park in Mississippi is one that’s always been on our radar.  It’s just 40 miles north of Hammond, Louisiana in McComb, Mississippi.

Location and Season

Percy Quin State Park
2036 Percy Quin Drive
McComb, Mississippi

March 9 – 11, 2018

Site #72


This is a big park.  A really really big park.  There is a chapel, apartments, cabins, scout facilities, etc.  There are lot’s and lot’s of places to explore.  We really only scratched the surface here, although we’ll definitely be back.

Site Types

✔  Tent
✔ RV
✔ Cabins


We pulled in after dark.  Our only complaints at that point were the fact that the sites could’ve been better marked, and the dog had gotten carsick in his crate.  We actually had to do two loops to find site 72, so I ended up turning off the headlights so we wouldn’t be blinding everyone as we pulled in.  The sites are all well spaced, full hookup, and all have a view of the lake.  There are six or eight sites that are labeled premium, but none of those were available when we booked.  They did seem to be a little bit more spacious and were closer to the water, however the main road went right by them, so there is a bit more foot/bike/stroller/etc traffic throughout the day.

There was a definite “family” vibe at Percy Quin.  There seemed to be lot’s of people that knew each other and kids were ever present – riding bikes, fishing, playing games.  Also, I’ve never seen more high end equipment in any of the campgrounds we’ve been to yet.  The campground was filled with 200,000 dollar fifth wheels and Prevost motor homes, and one little Cherokee Wolf Pup named Lola…


Uhm, they’re okay.  The showers were large and somewhat private, however they could’ve benefitted from a vent fan.  I also struggled to get the water hot, but Cait came back commenting on how hot her shower was.  She probably diverted all the hot water…  We seemed to be one of the few who used the bathrooms for showers.  I guess if we traveled in a half-million dollar motor home, we’d enjoy the marble shower and jacuzzi too…

Staff and Reservations

When we pulled in, we were quickly registered by the park staff, and a ranger offered to show us to our site.  We declined because we had to clean up after the sick dog, but wished we had taken him up on the offer after driving circles around the campground looking for the site.

Percy Quin is a state park, so the booking system is Reserve America.  If you’ve booked appointments through any other camping portal, you know how bad they can be.  Either way, this couldn’t have been easier.


The main road through the park leads you over the dam and to the opposite side of the lake.  We walked a few miles over and through the woods to where Camp Sunshine is held each Summer (a camp for special needs kids).  Emek enjoyed swimming there, and we explored the scenery.  We aren’t sure if we ever found the “nature” trail listed on the map, but we certainly stretched our legs and exhausted the dog (which is the primary mission when traveling with a five month old working puppy).


We never left the park while we were there, so not much else to comment on.  I don’t think there’s much to see in the area, although we saw a sign for Mr. Whiskers Catfish restaurant, which sounded pretty gross to me anyways.

Percy Quin Golf Course

Quail Hollow golf course is actually in the park.  We drove by on the way in and out and would actually like to play there on a trip in the future.  In my past life, I played a lot of golf, just not much in the last few years.  The course is well maintained and looked pretty “green” for a public state park course!

Coming Back?

We will definitely be back soon.  Between the time of our visit and writing this post, we actually looked to book a site for Easter weekend.  There was zero availability, and I can see why.  I’d imagine this park is pretty booked year round.  From our experience, parks that offer swimming in any capacity stay full throughout the summers.  Lake Tangipahoa offers a number of ways to cool off.  Parks without swimming seem to empty out in the summer heat.

Lola Rating

7 out of 10 Rolling Lolas

Percy Quin State Park is a short drive for anyone living in South Louisiana.  There is plenty to do, and the facilities are definitely above average (the full hookups at every site are a nice bonus).  Supposedly the fishing is good, there are plenty of places to hike around and explore, and the park overall is clean and well maintained. For another great weekend drive, check out our Bogue Chitto State Park review.

* If you’re a first time viewer, Rolling Lola is our 2017 Cherokee Wolf-Pup 18TO. Rolling Lola ratings are based on the opinions of a happily married couple that love to camp. They are in no way a refection of the experience you are going to have at the campground specified (Percy Quin State Park). Please camp at your own risk and have an amazing time!

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4 thoughts on “Percy Quin State Park”

  • Don’t knock Mr. Whisker’s until you try it! 😋 it’s a very good and well known catfish place in the area!

  • I must add Mr. Whiskers Catfish Restaurant is pretty good Josh. Caitlyn has eaten there many times when I lived in Mississippi and she loved it. She might not remember Lol. Do try it next time you are in the area. from the posted pic’s and your written story seems like ya’ll had a very nice time there. Glad to have read your story.

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