North Carolina – My First Visit

This past weekend was filled with fun and family in Charlotte, North Carolina. Why do the weekends speed by so quickly? This trip was a special one- not only because Josh’s cousin Jonathan was getting married- but because I got to meet a lot of Josh’s family for the first time.

When I’ve mentioned to friends that I haven’t met Josh’s mom or daughter yet, they’ve looked at me like I’m crazy. What they don’t realize is: When your family is spread so far apart like mine and Josh’s, it’s super difficult (and expensive) traveling to all of these places in one year – six states to be exact! So, the wedding was a perfect time to get together with family and friends. We had such a great time, and I can’t wait to go back. Noted: I’m marrying into one awesome family!

Here’s some takeaways followed by some photos of the trip:

  • Avery makes a mean breakfast… For dinner.
  • It takes forever to get anywhere in Charlotte.
  • I really am a baby when it comes to the slightest bit of cold weather.
  • Josh always wins at bowling, and it is super annoying.
  • I now wish there was a Chipotle in Hammond (Aves makes it smell delicious. Yes, you read that right.).
  • My future mother-in-law is the sweetest mother-in-law ever.
  • There is such a thing as Jalapeño beer (, and you should try it.
  • Two days isn’t long enough to come visit.

We’ll be back soon!


3 thoughts on “North Carolina – My First Visit”

  • Now that things are calming down a BIT, I am catching up on things I’ve been wanting to do – I sent my RSVP to your wedding & now I am viewing your blog…WOW, I really am crawling into the 21st century! I find blogs to be the strangest combination of intimacy and public airing of inmost feelings, but I love reading about your dreams & reactions. I am sitting here smiling at the screen and thanking God for bringing Josh & Cait together and making these two precious people so happy together!

    • HA! You’re on top of things now, Mama J 🙂 And you’re so right. It sometimes feels strange to share things in blog form. One – being that a lot of it is so personal and close to us. Two – being that I often times ask myself, “Who would want to read this anyway?!” (haha).

      We’re grateful to have found an outlet that keeps our favorite people in the loop; we miss y’all so much all the time!

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