Boat Weekend- August 27, 2016

Josh and I had a pretty active weekend. From Josh’s damaging fall to the discovery of Neill beach, I guess you could say it was pretty epic. But, we’ll start the post with the gnarly nosedive because that is, unfortunately, how the weekend started. Friday night, Josh and I went to the dock to gather up any last minute muddy items that we needed to clean before Saturday morning- Josh spent the better part of the day helping Monte de-muck the place from the result of what is now known as the Historic Louisiana Flood. Josh had his arms full when, unexpectedly, the wooden boards crumbled beneath him. Talk about panic on my end. My fiancé could have seriously hurt himself, and I couldn’t react quickly enough.

This was a definite walk-it-off moment. Don’t talk to him. Don’t ask if he’s okay. Just let him go. He even voiced his appreciation of me honoring the “walk-it-off” time that he needed. Josh mentally pulled himself back together and lifted his shirt to assess the damage. The only way to describe the wound is wicked. His entire left side was scraped clear of his first layer of skin, not to mention his busted elbow that just healed from a previous injury. Did you just squirm in your seat? I did! I’ll spare you the graphic images- all but this one (since it looks like his new shark got a bite to eat).

Not a great start to the weekend! Nevertheless, we got up Saturday for a day of fun on the boat. After a yummy breakfast cooked by yours truly, Joshua and I arrived at the dock around 10am to meet everyone. What we thought would be a quick thirty minutes putting the bimini back together (another result of the flooding), ended up taking around three hours. One champagne toast and four sweaty men later, we set off! We were all quite surprised at how unaltered the environment was from the flood, but after all, this Louisiana eco-system was made to withstand lots and lots of water.

Although we had a late start, it turned out to be a successful day of wakeboarding and sun. I suggested that Josh not wakeboard considering the event that unfolded the night prior, BUT those of you that know Josh know that he still got up on that board. Note to self: Hand over the photography responsibility to Joshua every once in a while, so I end up in wakeboarding pictures!

Sunday came, and you wouldn’t believe our luck. The power was out at the dock and surrounding houses due to a lightening strike from the night before (can this weather give us a break?!). Luckily, the Entergy guy showed up, and the problem was fixed in a short five minutes. The usual wakeboarding kicked off the early afternoon, but this time, Josh took my advice and decided it best to stick to the boat (he’ll start listening to me one day, I swear it!). It was a nice change of pace to stop off at Middendorf’s for lunch. The Prop Stop was closed all weekend- still trying to recuperate from the mess that the floodwaters left behind. I think we all can admit that our eyes were bigger than our stomachs, but dunch1 (as Joshua kept insisting we call it) was delicious and successful. We were able to plan our Labor Day weekend over good company, lots of laughs, and a few drinks.


Last but not least, we stopped off at a new landmark before making our way in: Neill beach. Yes, we named the beach ourselves. Yes, we can do that. I guess there is always something positive that comes from the negative? That’s my thought process anyway. Because of the flooding, buckets and buckets of sand washed in from the North, hence Neill beach. A little paradise untouched by anyone but us! We were like kids in a candy shop marching around exploring the newly laid grounds. No, literally, the men were marching around finding hatchets and forgotten water guns and picking up trash and making all these plans to make this a new hang out spot for our crew.

Great, great weekend. Starting out Monday morning in the emergency room with my fiancé? Not so much. Remember that fall I mentioned?  Yupp, Joshua has three fractured ribs. As if Monday wasn’t already the worst day of the week. Is it Friday yet?


If you know me, you know there’s more photos… A gallery full!

  1. dunch (noun): A small meal between lunch and dinner in the late afternoon or early evening (about 3-5 p.m.)

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