What to Pack for an RV Trip

What to Pack for an RV Trip

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Updated 6/26/2017 Josh and I took our second trip with the camper this weekend. We’re hooked. As big of fans as we are of tent camping, we’re not sure we’ll ever stay in a tent again! Okay, okay maybeee that’s dramatic, but our camper is that awesome. Upgrading from a tent to a 20-foot camper, […]

Our Square Foot Garden

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This weekend was a rainy one. Josh and I originally had plans to spend it at Manchac Pass but decided against it after seeing the forecast (rain, rain go away). Luckily, we had projects around the house to complete to fill our time. Saturday after shopping around for campers (this is a whole other story […]

Weekending: Getting Stuff Done

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It’s such a good feeling when you finally get around to doing things you’ve always had the intention of doing but – never did. Josh and I have been super productive the past two weekends, and we are loving it. Purchasing a brand new living room, starting our square-foot garden, installing gutters (Josh: 1, Rain: 0), […]

Carnival Triumph Cruise

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In January, Josh and I booked out a four-day cruise from an email offer that we couldn’t refuse.  How time passes so quickly, I’ll never know, but we went on that cruise this past weekend.  I’m truly grateful for the time we had together.  I mean really together.  How often do people get to turn […]

One Year Anniversary Weekend

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It’s weekends like this that have me counting my blessings and being grateful for the life I live. Josh and I’s one year anniversary is today! Part of me feels like holy cow has it been a year already? The other part of me is double checking that it hasn’t been longer. This weekend was the last one […]

Boat Weekend- August 27, 2016

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Josh and I had a pretty active weekend. From Josh’s damaging fall to the discovery of Neill beach, I guess you could say it was pretty epic. But, we’ll start the post with the gnarly nosedive because that is, unfortunately, how the weekend started. Friday night, Josh and I went to the dock to gather […]

The Proposal

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If you read the West Palm Beach blog post, let me start out by saying that Joshua did NOT blow it. The night was exactly how I would have imagined it. Although Josh and I discussed that we’d love to be engaged this year, it came as a total surprise that he had this up […]