About Us

Hi. We’re Josh and Caitlyn – a guy and a girl that fell crazy in love and ran with it. With our similar humor and interest in the same things, it was easy for our, then friendship, to transform into the relationship we have today.

New Orleans, Louisiana is where we call home, and Cook. Eat. Travel. Repeat. was created as a way to keep in touch with our family and friends that are spread all over the United States – and you! If you stick around, you’ll find stories about our crazy adventures, all things food, maybe some urban gardening, photography, and… well… life.

Where they met:

Josh and Caitlyn’s story starts at work: SalonBiz. He had six years with the company when she started, and they became immediate pals. Throwing sarcastic comments at one another was easy and making each other laugh was easier. After a year of your normal co-worker friendship, something clicked into place.

Somewhere between having to share the last bar stool for drinks during a business trip… to a skeleton helping a T-Rex suit up for a company costume contest, there was love. Either way, after those memories, it took one day in the French Quarter together buying Nikki Minaj socks for him… grabbing her first purple drink at Lafitte’s… crashing a wedding and signing in as “The Eaton’s”, and that was it.

You can follow the rest.